Tom Dellinger Photography

About Me

I've had a camera with me most of my adult life and first began taking it seriously in college. From that time forward, I was always involved with photography as a hobbyist while working in the print and graphics industry. Recent years have found me working as a music and concert photographer which led me to photograph and write for online music publications in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles where I've had the great fortune to cover artists and festivals from Atlanta to Las Vegas, San Francisco and more. To my surprise, as I covered music festivals and turned my lens toward the fans, I found I was captivated by what I saw. The energy, beauty, and passion was irresistible as I explored fans in their element. And now I find myself following that discovery to the next level as I direct my work to the intimate exploration of the men, women, couples, and friends who make up the very tapestry of the life that surrounds me. My sails are filled with the winds of anticipation as I move into the studio environment where I now offer high end portraits that will capture you at your very best. With a style derived from the pages of Vanity Fair, clients will discover that the beauty of a glamor magazine shoot is not just for the celebrity model, but within reach for all as we create priceless memories that are forever captured in time. 

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